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Setelis Labs LLC provides software development services. We are focused on helping our clients plan, build and manage software products.

Setelis Labs LLC has experience in a wide range of software technologies. We have the expertise to handle complex custom software projects using appropriate technologies and software processes.

Our team consists of people with different skills who are ready to meet any challenges. We are still 15.

Delivering everything you'll need.

  • Java

    Java EE

    JSF, JSP, SEAM, EJB, JPA, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, JBoss, Tomcat

  • iOS


    Objective-C, Core Foundation, Core Data, Core Animation, Map Kit, Core Location

  • Android


    Java, Map API, SQLite, Calendar API, Address Book API, Services

Programming Languages

C/C++, Objective-C, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript


Unix, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows

Java Frameworks

OSGi, Eclipse SWT/JFace, Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF), Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework


Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Java RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS), CORBA, CORBA Notification, Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Nuxeo ECM

System programming

UNIX System Programming, POSIX, Win32


MySQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Derby, HSQL, JPA, Hibernate, OpenJPA

Application Servers

JBoss, Tomcat, GlassFish


Git, Mercurial, Subversion, CVS, Jira, Trac, Bugzilla, Eclipse, Jenkins, Hudson, Maven, Ant, Make, Autotools, SCons

Showcasing our work

Model driven, plugin based framework for rapid development of rich interface and browser based applications

Model driven, plugin based framework for rapid development of rich interface and browser based applications


The framework uses the newest technologies from Java and HTML5 to provide model driven, plugin based architecture for rapid development of rich interface browser based applications. The framework provides its own domain specific language which can be used to describe the UI or implement the business logic.

  • Main development and testing
Tools & Technologies

EMF, GWT, JavaScript, JBoss, JPA, Oracle, BPMN, Eclipse




Jigface takes the profile pictures of your Facebook friends and turns them into jigsaw puzzles.

  • Design and development of iOS and Android applications
Tools & Technologies

Objective-C, Java, iOS, Android, Xcode, Eclipse, Facebook SDK, Facebook Graph API

More information

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Nuxeo GWT Front end

Nuxeo GWT Front end


UI Framework for Nuxeo based on GWT with modules for: user management, document collaboration, audit log and BPM with application in ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.

  • Design, development, configuration and integration
Tools & Technologies

Nuxeo, Java, jBPM, GWT, Automation, PostgreSQL

Affovi - Peer to Peer Live Video Streaming

Affovi - Peer to Peer Live Video Streaming


Affovi is a peer-to-peer platform for real-time video streaming on the Internet. It is a full stack for live media distribution system. Including broadcasting, standalone and embedded clients. The live video stream is distributed using peer to peer bittorrent-like protocol.

  • Design and development of all parts of the system
Tools & Technologies

Core: C/C++, UNIX System Programming, WIN32, autotools, SCons

Clients: Android, iOS, Browser plugins, VLC

Mobile and Web marketplace platform

Mobile and Web marketplace platform


Mobile and Web platform connecting people offering services and goods to people looking for them.

  • Design and development of mobile and web clients and a server back-end
Tools & Technologies

iOS, Objective-C, RESTful API

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